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If you want an aromatherapy experience from your bath & body products, make sure that the label lists essential oil.  Synthetic oils made from chemicals appear on labels as “fragrance” and/or “parfum/perfume.”  Synthetic oils have no therapeutic value, as they are chemically constructed and do not contain the same constituents of essential oils (each oil can have up to 300).  Many companies say that they have natural and organic ingredients and then they add synthetic “fragrance” and/or “perfume” which are petroleum-based synthetic compounds.  These synthetic compounds contain no aromatherapy benefits, are much cheaper in cost than essential oils, and often are not tested for safety.  We use 100% natural essential oils to scent our aromatherapy products.  You can recognize essential oils on labels by their Latin name, for example, lime essential oil is listed as “Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil.”  Essential oils are the very essence of a plant and are obtained from flowers, peels of fruit, seeds, bark, leaves, wood, resin and balsam.  Inhaled aroma stimulates areas of the brain, where emotions and memory are triggered.


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Lime trees are native to sub-tropical and tropical regions of the world.  Lime essential oil for use in cosmetics and perfumes is obtained from the peel of the lime fruit.  In our Vanilla/Lime products we use a lime essential oil that is cold expressed (cold-pressed) in Central America.  Cold expressing yields a pale yellow liquid that captures the true sweetly fresh aroma of the lime.

Lime essential oil is antiseptic, bactericidal, restorative, tonic, and antiviral.  The essential oil of lime can help alleviate acne, asthma, chilblains, colds, dull skin, and varicose veins.  The aroma of lime essential oil is uplifting, refreshing, and brings clarity of thought and concentration to the mind.

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