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Hothouse Botanicals' Organic Body ButtersWe were recently recommended in the December issue of Fashion Affair Magazine!  The 2-page review of our Organic Body Butters is in Fashion Affair Magazine’s “The Best Emollients of 2013” article http://bit.ly/1avdA06 (see page 176 & 177) The article begins on page 161 and you can scroll through the magazine using the arrows on the sides.  There were twenty companies selected and we were ecstatic to be included among the best lotions of 2013! Fashion Affair Magazine is an international publication that has a circulation of 2.5 million.

You can buy our Organic Body Butters (made with essential oil blends, organic cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, & rosehip seed oil) on our website: Hothouse Botanicals’ Organic Body Butters and online at Amazon.com: Hothouse Botanicals’ on Amazon.com


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Hothouse Botanicals‘ products are “Dirty Dozen Free.”  Using skin care products made from natural plant-based (rather than petroleum-based) ingredients is much healthier for you, and also keeps non-renewable resources off your bathroom shelves.  Keep your skin care products free from the 12 worst ingredients, a.k.a. the “Dirty Dozen.”  The 12 to avoid are:

1. Antibacterials (triclosan): detected in breast milk and interfere with testosterone activity in cells

2. Coal-tar colors (FD&C Blue 1, Green 3): carcinogens

3. Diethanolamine (DEA): possible hormone disruptor; depletes body of choline necessary for fetal brain development; evidence of carcinogencity; can be found in cocamide DEA

4. 1,4-dioxane: possible human carcinogen found as contaminant in ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and those that include the terms “-xynol,” “PEG,” “ceteareth,” “oleth,” and ethoxylated “eth” ingredients

5. Formaldehyde: immune system toxicity; respiratory irritation and cancer

6. Fragrance (Parfum): synthetic fragrance that may hide phthalates (endocrine disruptors that may cause obesity, reproductive and developmental harm); use products that contain natural essential oil fragrance instead

7. Lead and Mercury: neurotoxic lead in hydrated silica is found in toothpaste; mercury is found in some mascaras

8. Nanoparticles: found in cosmetics and sunscreens; may penetrate skin and damage brain cells; zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are most problematic; buy sunscreens that contain particles larger than 100 nanometers

9. Parabens: preservatives that break down in the body into an acid that has estrogenic activity; butyl paraben has been found to damage sperm formation, and sodium methyparaben is banned in the E.U.

10. Petroleum distillates: possible carcinogen; most prohibited in the E.U.; found in the U.S. in mascaras, foot powders, and other products; avoid “petroleum” and “liquid paraffin”

11. P-phenylenediamine: found in hair dyes; can damage the nervous system

12. Hydroquinone: skin lightener that is neurotoxic and allergenic; may cause cancer

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