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Don’t miss out on Cherry Sandalwood, Lotus Blossom, or Tangerine Creamsicle! Because they are summer scents, we are retiring them on Friday, September 21st (the day before the first day of Autumn) until next summer. Get yours before they’re gone!

Reminiscent of a relaxing afternoon in the summer sun, it is a light-hearted, fruity scent with a warm base of sandalwood.   $10 Save 50%!
Lotus Blossom Organic Body Butter:
Lotus Blossom is an exquisite blend of exotic essential oils and has a sun-kissed floral aroma with a hint of berries and woods.  $10 Save 50%!
Tangerine Creamsicle Organic Body Butter:
The aromatherapeutic scent of tangerine and vanilla is uplifting.  $10 Save 50%!
Made with pure natural vanilla and tangerine essential oils, this perfume is a treat that will remind you of the pleasures of summer. A yummy, uplifting scent that you don’t want to miss! $10 Save 50%!

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Stock up on our Summer Buy One Get One Free Sale on all of our organic body butters!

  • Bergamot/Ylang Ylang
  • Bourbon Geranium
  • Cherry Sandalwood (new)
  • Lavandin/Litsea Cubeba
  • Lotus Blossom (limited edition)
  • Tangerine Creamsicle (limited edition)
  • Vanilla/Lime

*Shop Now – sale ends Wednesday, August 1st!

Add 2, 4 or 6 to your cart to get the discount. Comment on your order if you’d like a variety of scents.

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Lavandin/Litsea Cubeba Fizzy Foaming Bath

We were recently featured on Retail Minded’s blog in a section called IN THE SPOTLIGHT.  Nicole reviewed our products and states that, “The competition is tough in the bath and body market – that’s no secret.  But when it comes to standing out among the rest, Hothouse Botanicals certainly takes the icing on the cake here.  Their products are refreshing and quite honestly, amazing.  So relaxing.  So enjoyable.  And yet, so simple.  This vegan, cruelty-free, organic assortment of bath and body products may seem to blend in with all the rest – but trust me, they don’t.  Their fizzy foaming aromatherapy bath will leave you craving for more while their body butter adds the perfect final touch after any shower.  It’s possible some addictions may be made here.”  Read her entire review: Retail Minded

Sarah from Passionate Green reviewed our Lavandin/Litsea Cubeba Fizzy Foaming Bath and our Organic Perfumes.  In her article, “Natural Makeup and More” Sarah says that, “Fizzy Foaming Aromatherapy Bath has found life-long fans at my house...Caution: you will feel pampered!”  She also loves our Licorice Candy Organic Perfume.  You can read the entire review here: Passionate Green

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Vanilla/Lime aromatherapy products

We are excited to announce our Buy 1 Get 1 Free St. Patrick’s Day Sale!  You can mix scents in the same product category, i.e. a Bergamot/Ylang Ylang Bath Salt and a Vanilla/Lime Bath Salt.  Place any two of the following products into your shopping cart and you get one free!

Our natural and organic aromatherapy products are free of harmful preservatives (no parabens), contain no synthetic fragrances/perfumes and colors, and are Dirty Dozen Free.

P.S. All orders over $40 ship free!

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Festival of the Arts booth

We are back from our marathon three day weekend at the Festival of the Arts and it was a great success!  Our testing station for our body butters and organic solid perfumes drew in crowds of people.  We received lots of comments from people on how our body butters deeply moisturized their skin and how long the aromatherapy scents lasted.  We had several return customers who tried our body butter early in the day and then came back in the afternoon to purchase (after several hand washings!).  Bergamot/Ylang Ylang (our spicy orange floral aroma) was a surprise hit with customers and one of our top sellers for the weekend.  Vanilla/Lime was touted as an “ice cream” or “key lime pie” scent and many people thought it smelled good enough to eat!

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Sunny Subramanian, the editor of Vegan Beauty Review, just reviewed our Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Body Butters, Whipped Sugar Scrubs, Fizzy Foaming Bath, and Cocoa/Lime Hemp Lip Balms.  Sunny reviews vegan beauty products on her website and also is a member of the LA based animal rights group The Vegan Vixens.  We are pleased to announce that she highly recommends all of our products!  Here are a few excerpts from her review:

“If you’re green and you love to incorporate aromatherapy in your beauty regimen, get ready to fall in love …. Omg, the smell of the Bergamot/Ylang Ylang Bath Salts is such a sexy one. These bath salts are on sale for an amazing price. I’m going to stock up on these for Christmas presents… for myself! ;)”

“I gravitated to the Bourbon Geranium Whipped Sugar Scrub ’cause word on the streets is that this bad boy helps relieve stress and fight PMS, and I was like, “Yes, I’ll take 10 of those.” This sugar scrub is seriously unique from any other scrub I’ve ever used in that it’s creamy. It’s sugar cane crystals are whipped with shea butter and essential oils. It leaves your skin so incredibly soft. It’s a treat… and it’s an amazing deal.”

She also mentions our limited time sale (25% off) on all sugar scrubs, body butters, fizzy foaming baths, and bath salts, and that we offer free shipping on all orders of $40 or more.

Read the entire review here: Vegan Beauty Review

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