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Here is a list of new natural ingredients from suppliers around the world:

Carib Crystals
INCI: Varies on the fruit
Used in bath products and lip products.
Carib Crystals are organically certified freeze dried vacuum processed fruits and vegetable crystals. This process allows the formulator to introduce into products natural ingredients without any loss of the natural actives. These crystals have found a home in bath products, lip exfoliate products and other anhydrous body products.

INCI: Macelignan
Used in anti-aging formulations, eye/lip contouring formulations, and facial firming formulations.
Noline consists of Macelignan, an active ingredient from nutmeg.  Noline causes cells from adipose tissue to increase in volume, thereby allowing wrinkles to become less visible, naturally and safely.

Organic Baobab Oil
INCI: Adansonia digitata seed oil
Used in damaged skin repairing creams, lotions, skin, and hair and body care.
An Eco-Sustainable ingredient harvested from the dry valley of the Limpopo Region in South Africa, monitored by an ecologist. This amazing oil has instant and sustained relief from desert dry, damaged skin.

Organic Mate
INCI: Ilex paraguariensis leaf extract and maltodextrin
Used for anti-aging, antioxidant skin care, and hair and body care.
Brazilian Green tea standardized to high levels of polyphenols ensures high antioxidant efficacy comparable to vitamin C and EGCG. Offered as a preservative-free powder, it has international regulatory clearance and global appeal.

Organic Millet Seed CO2-to Extract
INCI: Panicum miliaceum (millet) seed extract and rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract
It can be used internally in food supplements as well as topically in cosmetics and dermatological formulations.
The product increases cell metabolism, stimulates cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. It supports hair growth and the formation of bright, healthy skin. It activates skin repair mechanisms and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Pracaxi Oil
INCI: Pentaclethra macroloba seed oil
Used in hair care products.
Pracaxi Oil has one of the highest levels of behenic acid found in a natural product, it promotes conditioning in hair and improves wet compatibility and hair brightness.

Yangu Oil
INCI: Calodendrum capense
Used in skin care after sun treatments.
Yangu Oil is very rich in palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid. It’s a very smooth dry oil that is excellent for massage type application. Yangu oil is very soothing and is excellent for after sun treatment.


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Lime Fizzy Foaming Bath

Lime Fizzy Foaming Bath

Christina Clark, a writer from Green Daily, posted a review of our Fizzy Foaming Bath last week.  Green Daily’s website covers all things eco-friendly.  Christina says that, “Hothouse Botanicals put the fun of a fizzy bath bomb in a powder form. You can add as much as you like to your bath to fizz to your personal preference. And while the products smell wonderful and work as expected, the extra nice part are all the natural ingredients…. And did I mention how good they smell? The Vanilla Lime combo is just amazing. The lime is just invigorating. And the Bourbon Geranium is a nice, spicy rose scent. The Lavandin Litsea is a lavender and lemon scent that is both relaxing and fun at the same time.”

You can read the entire review here: http://www.greendaily.com/category/natural-body-care/

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